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the Ferns @ Sunapee Harbor

All 3 Ferns had Covid and recovered more than a week ago. Unfortunately, Mara & Quinlan have picked up some new germs on a family reunion/vacation.

So, the Ferns will not be in Sunapee Harbor today as planned but will instead appear at the end of the month: July 30th 5-7PM

Papa Fern is still healthy today and will appear with Click Horning at the harbor. So, come on down to see and hear Click today and then join us July 30th again for the Ferns.

We have been lucky not to have had any sicknesses during the pandemic until now but in the last few weeks, we have had to cancel several appearances and stay home to rest and recover. We are looking forward to lots of shows coming up and all being healthy and on the road again.

We miss you!

the Ferns Family Band

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